Nature Play Spaces



Nature provides an essential health and well being for our children yet, many children today don’t have an opportunity to connect and play with nature.

Nature Play Spaces address the nature gap by providing safe everyday play environments for our children to experience the beauty of nature. Whether at school, home, or in the community, nature play spaces not only provide fun and interactive spaces for children to play in, they also provide an opportunity for them to learn about insects, plants, flowers and the world around them.

We have worked with many organizations within the schools and community to design and build nature play spaces. If you want to learn more about installing a Nature Play Space check out the articles below or contact us, we’d be happy to help.


Creating a Nature Play Space

Once your school or community decides a Nature Play Space is right for you, what’s the next step? That’s where Dragonlily Gardens comes in.


What is a Nature Play Space

A Nature Play Space is an outdoor playground that is intentionally designed using natural materials.


Nature Play Space Projects

See some of the great Nature Play Spaces we have built throughout the Fraser Valley.

Want to learn more about Nature Play Spaces?

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